Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the International Conference “Modern challenges of mathematical modeling and information technologies” (MCMM&IT 2020)”, which will be held 27 September- 03 October 2020 in Sochi.

(Conference dates have been postponed to September at the request of the conference participants)


 SECTION 1. Artificial intelligence and decision making tasks:

  • Big data and machine learning
  • Fuzzy logic and neural networks
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Hybrid, fuzzy and probabilistic models;
  • Soft calculations and measurements, computational intelligence.
  • Linguistic Models and Granular Computing
  • Cognitive Modeling and Cognitive Agents
  • Evolutionary modeling, bionic and genetic algorithms
  • Knowledge Economy
  • Smart E-tourism
  • “Smart City”

SECTION 2. Theoretical foundations of mathematical modelling and computer science:

  • Algebra and number theory
  • Mathematical logic and the foundation of mathematics
  • Geometry
  • Combinatorial analysis. Graph theory
  • Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics
  • Computational mathematics, numerical analysis and programming
  • Discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics
  • Operations research
  • Functional analysis and integral equations
  • Real and complex analysis
  • Mathematical analysis and differential equations
  • Variational calculus and optimal control
  • Mechanic
  • Theoretical foundations of computer science

SECTION 3. Urgent issues of applied mathematics and computer science by industry:

  • Geoinformation systems and technologies
  • Information technology and mathematical modeling in the social sphere
  • Information technology and mathematical modeling in ecology and engineering
  • Information technology and mathematical modeling in transport and logistics
  • Information technology and mathematical modeling in the aerospace industry
  • Information security
  • Digital economy
  • Digital medicine