The text of the paper should be made in the MS Word in an A4 sheet format, all fields 25 mm, “Times New Roman” font set in 14 point type, spacing 1.5; indent 1 cm. Formulas are typed in the formula editor. The list of references is made out in accordance with the State Standard GOST, the links in square brackets, the list at the end of the text.

Text (up to 3 pages) includes:

the first paragraph – TITLE (center text alignment).

the second paragraph – surnames and initials of authors

(center text alignment).

the third paragraph – E-mail (center text alignment).

the fourth paragraph – full name of the work/study place,

(center text alignment).

Through out the interval follows annotation, keywords, text (text alignment in width).

Proceedings guideline for peer-reviewed full articles in English (8-12 pages) for publication in the proceedings included in the citation database of Web of Science and / or Scopus will be given after the publication is approved.